Plans & Approvals
When a client approaches our company for a fit out, Quotation or work necessary to them our first point of communication from ourselves would be to ask the client certain questions of the site location, time frame, budget cost and if they have had any drawings made up for us to quote from. At this point on we can ascertain our position to engage our services. Plans can be arranged via our close working association with Quality architects.

Efficient Design
Steedale is also committed to achieving a high Green Star Office Interiors Rating where circumstances allow it. These ratings are complimentary to new building design and to some extent rely on both the base building and any subsequent fit out works to meet the Required standards.

Mechanical services
Before we draw up a contract in and research has been done through our certifiers for us to commence works we have to have the hydraulics plans in place before we can go ahead with any works. This is for any works which require plumbing, waste and fire services added or changed to the new or existing premises.

Roughing in
Once we have the contract in place we organise our contractors for site visits to schedule each trade and our project manager would control this from the site location with all health and safety measures in place to time scheduling so we can start our project quickly and efficiently as to our schedule. Our plumbers, concrete cutters, plasterers, electricians will do all there roughing in on site and all other works necessary for the project to go forward would be organised through our office depending on what project size.

Tradesmen coordination
The site project manager after all roughing in will provide the client a verbal itinerary of the stage 2 process and following up with any joinery , signage, materials and or any special product that may be constructed outside or off site for scheduling our fitting dates.

Bringing the project together
When all products and materials have been assigned to be fitted for practical completion the certification of all trades are to be signed off by the client as the project must meet all contractual obligations to both parties and any variations to the project must be in writing prior to service needs. When both the client and the builder are happy with the schedule of works and contractual obligations, there is a hand over date of which the timing of this is of the uppermost important as the client has deadlines to meet for the opening of their business.

Hand over
On the hand over day the keys are handed back to the client and all relevant warranties and certifications relevant for the trading laws are given to the client. Occasionally there is a defects list of which is highlighted and written down for works to be complete soon after the client is open for trading or suitable time for these minor jobs to be complete. We have an aftercare service which involves our staff and products service to help the client and ourselves to improve the quality and service in areas which may need improvement also for repetitive business.

New Products
We have various contacts in the industry and strive to keep up with the latest trends in the market of which our attendance at trade shows around the world have your interests at hand with the ever changing demand for new designs, products and ideas which may hit the market for the industry we work in. Our range of products may range from new floor coverings to shelf display fittings or the latest paint finishes to light fittings, glass tinting, bench tops, stone cladding, ceilings etc all while keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum.


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